Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing

新金莎投注 is redefining cool with its cool metal roofing products and capabilities. Many options are available to create roofs for residential and commercial construction with customized cool components.



新金莎投注 offers roofing products in aluminum, steel, zinc, stainless steel and copper. Metal is as natural of a material as you can get. It offers recyclability, strength, longevity, weather resistance and more. Metal also does not outgas like petroleum-based products. As these other materials age, they emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).



Cool pigment paint reflects infrared radiation, allowing the color to appear the same while keeping the material cooler. This helps in reducing the urban heat island effect, and many of our colors qualify for LEED® Heat Island Credits. The 70% PVDF finishes that are used carry a 30-year limited warranty addressing fading and chalking. 新金莎投注 coated materials are non-staining and virtually maintenance free. Any surface residue is easily removed with conventional cleaning solutions or detergents. The coatings are so cool that they meet national energy standards and guidelines. Many 新金莎投注 roofing products comply with the stringent California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards. LEED® credits also can be acquired because the 新金莎投注 coatings meet the minimum required solar reflectance index value set by the U.S. Green Building Council. An added bonus is that metal roofs can contribute LEED® points beyond what the coating contributes; for instance, adding points with solar systems.


Additionally, our new patented Above Sheathing Ventilation Spacer Shim creates energy savings by reducing air-conditioning costs in the summer, providing ventilation spaces in increments of 3/8″.